Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Eric Carle Projects

 Please forgive me for the lack of posts! This is my first summer as a teacher to not be working and to say that I am enjoying it would be an understatement. Growing up, I never realized that my teachers were substantially more excited about summer than I was! I have been having a blast with my little Lily. She is 7 months old now! People aren't kidding when they say this time goes by fast. I'm just so blessed to get to spend this summer with her. But alas, it is July and school is approaching fast. Time to get back in the art lesson game.

 Every year I try to work in an Eric Carle Collage. His beautiful illustrations and stories are a constant source of inspiration to my students.

Kinder Grouchy Ladybugs

What You Need:
8x10 white construction paper
yellow, green, and red tempera paint
plastic fork or any texture tool
black construction paper( scraps if you have them)
black sharpie marker
white oil pastel 
light and dark green tissue paper (torn into pieces) 

How to:
Step 1: (1 30 minute class period) We used red paint to cover and entire white piece of construction paper. We also used plastic forks and the handle end of our paintbrush to add in texture and designs to the paper. We set these aside to dry.
On another white peice of construction paper, we added green and yellow paint. We moved around the paper and blended our colors. While the paint was still wet we added our tissue paper pieces and pressed them down.

Step 2: (1 30 minute class period) On the back of our painted red paper, we drew a big "U" shape that went all the way to the edge of our paper. This was for the ladybug body. Using a white oil pastel, we also drew a small "U" onto a scrap of black construction paper for the head. We used black strips of paper for the legs. (I pre-cut the legs to save time) After assembling our ladybugs we used our black sharpie to add some spots and our white pastel to draw a grouchy face! We glued our ladybugs onto our green backgrounds and that was that!

And now for our Busy Spiders.....

What You Need:

8x8 black construction paper
Painted paper in various colors
colored pencils

How to:

Step 1: (1 30 minute class) Using our painted paper we cut our pieces for our spiders. We had to use a different color for each part of our spider. For our body we cut an oval and for the head we cut a half circle. Once we glued the head and body together we glued these onto our black piece of paper. 

Step 2: ( 1 30 minute class) Then we started on the legs. Using strips of painted paper (we used pre-cut strips) we started to glue the legs next to the body. For each leg, we glued one strip angled upward, and then glued another strip to the end of the first strip, angled downward.
With our colored pencil we added hairs to the legs and designs to the body. We also added a web with our white colored pencil!

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  1. Hello,
    I love your projects!! Every year I look for new Eric Carle Inspirations for my K and 1st graders, and I just found the jackpot for this year! Thank you for sharing your ideas!! Michelle